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what we do and  the process of how we do it. 

Interior design consultation: we provide consultation services to help guide you from the start to finish of your project.


Design renovation and remodelling of existing structures: we give an uplift to the existing structure from the finishing to the furnishing and accessories.


Post construction finishing: we take the building from the shell stage and finish. This entails the total floor, ceiling, wall, electrical and plumbing finish.


Design Concepts Development: The goal is to attain the "look" and "feel" a client wants by creating moodboards to help guide the client to what the final outcome can possibly be.


3D Visual renders: we offer our clients with 3D renders which helps the clients have a  clearer view of the space. Its a picture view of the space


Custom furniture | accessory design and fabrication : We design custom furnishing for our clients to make their space standout from the rest.


Project Coordination & Management: Some projects require a certain sequence of installation for maximizing results. We coordinate all aspects of these projects to ensure smooth transitions from each phase until project completion.

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